Saturday, 8 March 2014

What the Hell is This? A New Post!?

Not dead yet. Thought I'd try to get back into this "blogging thing" again. As many of you know, Barrowmaze Complete is funded, and work is under way. I've been very busy with several projects (strangely, all are nerd-related in nature). First up, my Cry Havoc inspired board game is well underway, I've been drawing quite a bit. I wanted to have a miniatures feel to they game, so I've based many of the character sketches off of old Citadel miniatures to add to the feel. The rules move fairly fast, relying on a simple d20 mechanic (or 2d6 mechanic, haven't decided yet) that handles both hits and injuries with a single roll.  One problem with Cry Havoc, I felt, was distinguishing sides on the board. My game, as you can see, uses colour coding, and the tint of that colour determines the character's class (either peasant class, soldier class, or veteran class). Here's where the chits are at:

The human army, under the working name "Errador" are the mid-range, vanilla army. Decent offensively, but with a bit more defensive ability, and a good number of bows and crossbows. You may notice two of the friar-type guys have an icon on their chit. More on that below. 

Here we have the orcs, much more fun to illustrate. Can you spot the Braveheart inspired orc?

A bunch of "Stun" markers and siege weapons.

Icons that will be on some chits, designating special skills/rules that apply, such as healer, pikeman, engineer and leader.


  1. Love this project....sorry to see it stall out. Any chance you'd be willing to let me have a pdf if the chit art for personal use? I'd like to make my own chits for some home brew cry havoc. Hope you finish it one day.

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