Saturday, 8 March 2014

Two in One Day!?

Back in May, 2013 I was in Winnipeg to help with shooting my friend's short film, Advanced Wizards & Warriors, a comedy splitting between the real world lives of a group of 30-something year old men and their roleplaying game, and occasionally blending the two into one. Here's a poster (in progress), as well as a bunch of photos I took on the shoot. Those of you familiar with Barrowmaze will recognize a few things. I designed and illustrated all of the RPG material, my friend Aaron was the writer, director, editor, special effects producer, make-up guy, etc. (you get the picture).

I'll be reworking this into a new design. Still have to tidy up the photos a bit, as well as place the background in. A group of great comedic improv actors.

Some props for the gaming table, including "official" Wizards & Warriors character sheets. The "advanced" was added later for copyright reasons.

We got to shoot on location at the Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature's "Nonsuch" set, a little medieval village with full-size (but still scaled-down) ship. This was a bit of a childhood fantasy come to life. As a kid, whenever I visited the museum, this spot was always the highlight for me, especially as a nine year old D&D nut.

The gaming table in Aaron's parents' basement, naturally.

This was the best part of the shoot that I attended. Watching the four of them (and Aaron's fiancee Lauren—another very funny improv comedian, not shown) just "do their thing" over and over in different takes. There were a few shots that were interrupted with the crew laughing.


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