Thursday, 20 November 2014


I've seen a recent flow of extra income lately from various freelance jobs, so naturally, I've been wasting money on nerd stuff. Most importantly, a new kitchen/work/gaming table. Game night usually involves five or six of us gathered around a table that's four feet long, so I decided to get a six and a half foot long table.

I'm currently awaiting deliveries from eBay and other online sellers, but recently I've been working on making terrain:

I discovered a method of using chunks of decorative bark for rocky outcrops. After looking all over the city at various garden centers and giving up on ever finding bags of the stuff, I walked past a bank (a bank I walk past several times a week) and noticed their parking lot "garden" was full of the stuff. So, I managed to find a source of free bark... I just have to look like a weirdo stuffing the bark into my pockets.

My first attempt at Woodland Scenics trees. Simple, fast and they do the trick nicely. And now onto the good stuff...

If you aren't aware of Tabletop World's buildings, go there now and give them your money. Amazing models. Their new models (at least this specific one) come in three pieces: the pantry floor, the living area, and the roof (and a small balcony that needs to be glued on, so four pieces). Their old models came in various pieces which would have made painting a bit easier, but this is also nice that there's no assembly involved.

As you can see I also purchased all of their knick-knacks: furniture, packed goods (not shown) and food stuffs.

It's good to be a grown-up.

I'll try to keep things updated as I progress in my terrain building. I'm ramping things up for the (re)start of my D&D campaign in the New Year, and may even be so bold as to start another blog to act as a sort of campaign diary to keep things straight.