Saturday, 21 July 2012

Trogs n' Troll

A couple of Tom Meier troglodytes (some of my favourite minis from when I was a kid) and a Citadel AD&D troll.

Whenever a new edition of D&D comes out, trolls are one of the creatures I check immediately to see if they've changed. First edition trolls will always be the best, there's something terrifying about these lanky, crazed monsters with their sunken eyes, and protruding nose.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

More Miniatures...

Some Citadel chaos warriors. These are a personal favourite of mine to paint, as it doesn't take very long. The photo doesn't show it well, but to break up the armour I paint different sections of the armour with silver and bronze.

Things Said Around the Gaming Table #004

"Some of my best friends are elementals."

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bring Out Your (un)Dead!

I'm on a roll, and these figures were just sitting there. I don't have very many painted figures, so I figured I'd post some shots of the painted ones over the next few days. I should probably use my camera and not my iPhone, but I'm lazy.

Some Citadel skeletons, a barrow wight from their 80's LotR line, and a wraith with a sickle.
A wraithcicle?

Goblins and Owls and Bears, oh my!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, my life is a bit crazy right now. Been busy looking for more contract work, and slaving away on Barrowmaze 2 maps and illustrations. But, I have had some time to paint some miniatures, which I haven't done in about two years. I have a massive collection of unpainted metal, most of which are Citadel figures from the 1980's, including their AD&D line. To fill up posts I may have to show off my collection as a quick fill.

I'm also hooked on Otherworld figures now. I received an order last year (I warmed up my brush by painting slimes and puddings), then I bought a gold AND silver voucher. Now I'm waiting on my last order, which used up about 200 GBP on the gold voucher.

So I give you my latest painting endeavors: two Citadel D&D owlbears, and a group of goblins (in progress)...