Monday, 18 June 2012

...and Let Slip the Dogs of War

Just a quick question to the community out there, how many of you are familiar with the 1981 Cry Havoc board game by Standard Games? And what are your thoughts on it?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Post for Posting's Sake

My life's been a whirlwind lately, so I haven't had much time (or energy) to put into gaming related things. I was just putting some finishing touches on the map for Barrowmaze 1, and thought I'd give you all a quick tally of how much work I've put in, and have been assigned to, for the Barrowmaze 2 project:

OSR Blue Map: Doing BM1 and 2, as well as one big map
Monster Entry Illustrations: 18 (I think)
General Illustrations: 2 so far
Magic Item Illustrations: 6
Certificate Illustration: 1
Illustrations for Booklet: 5 assigned so far

That's all for now!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pendragon Pilgrimage

Haven't been posting lately because things have been a bit hectic in my life lately. I'm currently in Winnipeg where I made my semi-annual pilgrimage to Pendragon Games. The thing I like the most about Pendragon is their stock of used gaming books. I was tempted to buy the AD&D players handbook and monster manual with their original covers, but decided to go with just the Greyhawk Adventures book. It was the only AD&D hardcover book missing from my collection. The downside of their stock on out-of-print stuff is that it is a bit over-priced. I was going to buy a copy of the Temple of Elemental Evil, but it was $60. They also had a copy of GW's original Talisman game (which I saw there two years ago) with a $100 price tag that hasn't changed. Oh well.

I also walked away with a bunch of Reaper Miniatures, I bought an almost complete set of the Townsfolk range. I wish civilians and non-combatants were a bit more common to find, Citadel back in the day had a nice collection for a while — until they want all "Games Workshop."

Personally, I'd love to see Otherworld produce a line of civilians and hirelings.