Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Final Day

Today is most likely the last day of a Darksun campaign I play in. And it's 4th edition.

I'll wait for the hissing and boos to stop.

Okay then. The guy running the game is a writer in the video game industry (it's always impressive to see what he comes up with on the fly) and he's moving across the country. So, to commemorate his move, I've painted miniatures of all our characters, gave them simple Darksun-esque backdrops in clear plastic cases, and a little list of each character's notable achievements during the campaign.

I'll be posting better photos of all my work later this week, it was a slog to get them all done on time. Between job interviews, freelance work and being sick all week, it was rough! So here's a quick look at them I took with my phone:

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