Thursday, 2 August 2012

Nerd Score!

I was rummaging through my closet tonight when I stumbled upon a small white box stashed away in the corner. The label on it said "Nerd Supplies", written in my ex-girlfriend's writing. When I saw it I knew exactly what it was, and it had sat there forgotten for a long time...

A box full of long-forgotten miniatures, many still in the blister! I'm just posting the fantasy ones here, as there were also 10+ blisters of Foundry's Street Violence line, and some old Warhammer 40k miniatures, space orks, beaky marines and old Imperial Guard.

So here's my find...

My all time favourite minotaur miniature:

For a long time this was my favourite miniature, I also have the "bucket variant" loose somewhere.

These were great to find after completely forgetting I had them!

Standard fighter types:

Some really great half-orcs and an adventurer's cart. I have another one that's open, that came with a female "Dungeoneer" miniature.

A balrog type miniature and some orc villagers. I miss the days of five figures being jammed into one blister.

The rock dragon. I think?

Manticore and cockatrice.

The undead chariot which also came with a skeletal minotaur/beastman and a great necromancer that are in with my other figures. I do have the sinking feeling that this may have been a recast I unknowingly purchased about ten years ago. This is an older model, but the metal is extremely shiny and light weight. Any ideas how to tell?

I have way too many miniatures to paint, and my giant order from Otherworld was just shipped off yesterday!

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  1. 1. You can never have too many miniatures to paint.
    2. My wife also has a 'nerd supplies' bag whenever I need cheering up
    3. Otherworld miniatures are great!