Friday, 3 October 2014

The Monster Manual Question

Hopefully I'll get some responses here, again, sorry for the long absence, I've been drowning in work the last year or so.

With the upcoming release of the fifth edition Monster Manual (I guess it already has been released, I just don't have my copy yet), I'm just wondering: when you first get your hands on a new Monster Manual, what are the first monsters you flip to to see their artwork and/or read their stat block?

For myself it's got to be goblins and orcs. To me, these iconic foes have to be done right.



  1. I pretty much do the same thing. Hit the goblins, skeletons, orcs, zombies and always see what giants are included. Then to see what demons/devils are in.

  2. Demons/devils, also a good one to check out.

  3. I'm kind of the opposite. I flip through starting at the beginning and read the monsters in order of which illustrations jump out at me first.

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