Saturday, 1 September 2012

More Tile Excitement!

Please comment with tiles you'd like to see included.


  1. These look sweet. I always liked the moss, blood splatters, and graffiti on the GW tiles :)

  2. Hi, came across your blog from the Otherworld miniatures site. I really like these tiles. It is so refreshing to see something hand drawn in this age of computer generated gaming accessories. Personally I'd like these to be black & white and sold as an electronic product, so that I could just print them out on some coloured card stock. This would make for a versatile product, that could quickly and cheaply produce some distinctive dungeon layouts.

  3. One of my thoughts was to sell two lines: colour, painted in water colour, and the other just as you see them, linework only. But as I'm a graphic designer, I need to have control over the end product, which would mean they would only be sold as a physical, packaged product.