Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pendragon Pilgrimage

Haven't been posting lately because things have been a bit hectic in my life lately. I'm currently in Winnipeg where I made my semi-annual pilgrimage to Pendragon Games. The thing I like the most about Pendragon is their stock of used gaming books. I was tempted to buy the AD&D players handbook and monster manual with their original covers, but decided to go with just the Greyhawk Adventures book. It was the only AD&D hardcover book missing from my collection. The downside of their stock on out-of-print stuff is that it is a bit over-priced. I was going to buy a copy of the Temple of Elemental Evil, but it was $60. They also had a copy of GW's original Talisman game (which I saw there two years ago) with a $100 price tag that hasn't changed. Oh well.

I also walked away with a bunch of Reaper Miniatures, I bought an almost complete set of the Townsfolk range. I wish civilians and non-combatants were a bit more common to find, Citadel back in the day had a nice collection for a while — until they want all "Games Workshop."

Personally, I'd love to see Otherworld produce a line of civilians and hirelings.


  1. Ah, yes, I still have some of those old Citadel Fantasy Specials miniatures. They were really nice and we don't see this kind of dungeon dressing so much any more. Reaper does have some nice Townsfolk packs, though.

  2. Yeah, but aren't those prices in Canadian funny-money? In good ol' American, that's like fifty-five cents or sumthin'.


  3. Original cover AD&D Players Handbook and Monster Manuals along with most of the first addition books can be found in the Greater Vancouver area. I’ve picked up almost new condition books in the last few months and the prices were very reasonable. If you’re a collector check around someone probably has the books your looking for.

    1. A few years back I found the "illegal" copy of Deities & Demigods at a used book store downtown.

  4. Hi,

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